Thursday, July 29, 2010


There are a lot of crazy stories that come out of my job...

A lady came up to me asking if it was normal to have people laying in the middle of our parking lot.

I was going to ask her what world does she live in that people laying in middle of the road can be considered normal... But I'm not allowed to be a bitch at work.

I pretended to marvel at her story of almost running over his head, thinking she was just another one of the crazies who come into my store.

Five minutes later, my coworker ran in, freaking out about a man who apparently jumped out of an ambulance and is evading capture. Come to find out, it was the same guy.

Lady, I apologize for thinking you were a stupid bitch (but considering everyone who comes in, you most likely are anyway).

So when I saw the escapee outside of my store, I did what any concerned citizen would do... I took a picture.

SBP Mobile - Slapping Bitches on the Go

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