Thursday, January 20, 2011

Writing Fail... AGAIN!

Wow. It's 2011. Time flies by fast. We're actually halfway through the first month of the New Year. I wish I could say much has changed in my life but it's still the same old same old. I'm still an intern at a company no one knows on the East Coast and still work at Starbucks.

Wait... I'm an intern for one of the biggest YouTubers, Philip DeFranco! Ok, that's a a bit of a change but I still work at Starbucks... in California where celebrities come in all the time!

Ok, I'm a liar. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! For the last five months I've been living in Hollywood, California, trying to make it as a writer and moving a mile a minute experiencing the west coast lifestyle.

But that's not why I am I liar (well not the only reason I'm a liar). I made a point to try and recommit myself to blogging last year, and that lasted all of two months (maybe?). I had so much to write about but too much going on in my life to make myself focus for a minute and write it all down.

I've noticed that regularly blogging helps me as a writer to start working on the projects that I actually I need to do. And seeing as I've been out here for almost five months and this is the most I've written, I realized that this blog is more important to me (and my process) than I thought.

So it's time for me to catch you up on the time jump that has been my life. From my cross country road trip to my first celebrity event... It's time for me to bring you on my journey from Hollyhood to Hollywood.

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