Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scotland Blog #2- My Family talks about Nothing

Time to hang out with people my own age. At this flat, we have no wireless Internet and we’re having trouble working the television so we have to enjoy each other’s company. In the last two hours, I have heard in depth conversations about water heaters, garage doors, car payments and unfinished home construction. This is what old people talk about. And they say WE like to hear ourselves talk. At least we have interesting things to say. If I hear one more story about a washing machine, I’m gonna lose my damn mind and end my trip early by jumping off the third story of this flat.

I forgot! I have a savior! My sixteen-year-old cousin… oh wait! False alarm. Bitch is a fucking idiot with the mind of a twelve year old. I’m either hearing about the “hazards of defrosters” or listen to my cousin spew shit out of her mouth about… I don’t even remember. That’s how useless all of her conversations are. I see her talking and my mind completely shuts off in fear that I’m going to catch her stupidity. Every second I spend with her is like sticking razor blades inside of my tongue then trying to lick my own asshole. It’s that bad.

I guess I’ll take my chances with gravity…

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