Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Step Up to Domestic Violence

It seems that two things that have been bothering me about movies have finally come together to make a Hell baby bent on destroying the movie going experience as we know it…

“Step Up 3D” which is the same tired dancing movie that has been plaguing theaters for the last couple of years, now features the gimmick that needs to die: 3D.

The trailers looks stupid and I’ve never had the urge to have someone do windmills in my face while trying to enjoy my soda, but that’s not what bugs me…

Have you seen the posters for this movie?

Doesn’t it look like that guy is in the middle of beating the living shit out of that girl?

When I saw this poster in the mall, I didn’t think of dancing or 3D. After staring at it for a while, I kinda got excited. They were finally going to change this played out genre. Instead of just whining about whatever dancing cliché they put the impossibly beautiful dancers in and having it all end with a big dance off, they are finally going to do what normal people do when shit hits the fan… FUCKING THUNDERDOME BITCH!

Oh wait…

They’re not fighting? It’s just bad marketing like they’ve done for the commercials of the movie? So she’s not getting her revenge in this picture?

Well that's unfortunate...

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