Saturday, May 16, 2009


... ok more like Aventura but it doesn't matter. Thursday was the best day ever! My friend Kristie came to visit me from LA for part of her birthday weekend. I was so excited to see her since it's been a year since we were last in the same city together. So what do we do to celebrate our reunion? We spent the two days together going to the Drive-in, the beach, the mall (twice), lunches and dinners, and one of the coolest clubs ever. But how do we kick it off? How about go to the Aventura Mall, specifically Kate Spade, and go see... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...
We waited around at the store with some serious fashionistas, sipping champagne and checking out the fashions of the store. And then, it was announced... the one and only TIM GUNN is about to come out! Please play the song! Tim Gunn is coming out!
I almost died! I don't feel like I'm the kind of guy who would freak out about celebrities, but I was pretty sure that I was going to start crying hysterically. He is just as awesome as you would think he is. He came out with some important Kate Spade lady who, in the grand scheme of things, really didn't matter. I mean, she's standing next to Tim FUCKING Gunn, we don't care about you bitch! The two of them talked about the importance of accessories to an outfit and dressed a model up and down, giving the audience pointers for a variety of situations. It was quite informative. And you could tell he wasn't just being a celebrity pushing some product. At one point he even talked about clothes that weren't even at the store. He was very real.

Oh! And he loves the word Whimsy. It's a good word. He even said "Make it Work!" and "Carry On!" without even trying like other lame people do with their catchphrases. It just comes out naturally. That's just the way he talks. How cool is that?

I was three feet away from Tim Gunn. All that separated me from him was two handbags and a little girl, who by the way, was the cutest thing ever (the little girl, not the handbag, but that was also cute). There were many Q &A moments and during one the 9 year old girl raised her hand and said "Can you look at me designs?" She had a little portfolio filled with sketches and it was the sweetest thing ever. But then again, she got to have one on one time with Tim because of it, so I'm jealous of the little... girl. I would call her something else, but that's just wrong. But I have no reason to be jealous (even though I do). It was so awesome. Besides...
Guess who's jealous of me and Kristie? You are Bitch!!!!

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