Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scotland Blog #12- Wimble-FUCK!

So it's definitely an experience being in Scotland during Wimbledon. When I watch it on TV, I forget it's actually held in a different part of the world. Over here, it's like the entire country shuts down for it. You feel it in the air. Like "Oh Shit! I smell some Wimbledon!"

Watching it over here made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than myself; something special. It was almost something spiritual... until I heard the stupid ass announcer who sounded like he was going to fuck the sweaty socks of Roger Federer. While I understand liking a certain player, abusing your power so that your commentary of an entire tennis match sounds like an open love letter is a bit ridiculous.

I was cheering for my ex-boyfriend, Andy Roddick. He made it all the way to the finals so you had to give him your due... that is unless you where hanging out in the U.K. Before the match, all they talked about was how epic the occasion is because Federer was going to smash the record and I'm like "Hello?! We haven't even started the match yet." They already decided who was going to win!

It was ridiculous! All you ever heard about was how graceful Federer's movements were; how they were like poetry in motion. Roddick? What about him? "Look at Roddick out there. It's so commendable how hard he's trying out there." He wasn't "trying"; the man was fighting with Federer... so much so that the match lasted forever and Federer barely won.

The favoritism was crazy! I actually had to call Josh in the States to make sure that they were being fair to Mr. Roddick. Of course they were. Something America can do right. Sports commentary.

So fuck you U.K! Damn it! The only thing bad I can say about this place is they give annoying sports commentary. I don't even really like sports so why do I care?

... Ok I forgive you U.K. This little shortcoming can be overlooked. Let's be friends again.

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