Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scotland Blog #3- Scottish Nightlife

First night in Edinburgh and the nightlife is crazy awesome! I needed to get out of our cramped flat so I went out by myself to check out the local hotspots. I walked around to see about 20 clubs and bars in a two mile radius. Each one of them infinitely better than anything we have in America. You know how some clubs try to have that awesome, indie European feel to them? Well now I was living the real thing and believe me: ACCEPT NO IMMITATIONS!

Oh! And something cool about over here: no covers anywhere! It was sick. And the price for drinks was so much better over here, with better quality/quantity of the drinks. It’s so worth every ounce of drunken pleasure.

The first bar I went to was the Jazz Bar. The place was great. It had this great little jazz club vibe, with full bar and large crowd dancing away in a tiny space. Very intimate. And the band I stayed for can kick any of our American mainstream band’s ass! They played the standard guitar, drums, bass setup, but then there were some surprises like flute and tuba players. We need to step up our game when it comes to music, because while we think we’re talented, 60 % of our bands that get radio play are not even good enough to be considered a local band over here.

The next place I went to was called GRV (Green Room Venue). This place looked like the most tricked out basement I’ve ever been in. There was a neon multi-lighted bar, awesome murals on the wall and the ceiling was covered in the prettiest strings lights I’ve ever seen. I watched some sick break dance competitions, went down stairs to this crazy techno room, and chilled in the lounge with some of the locals. It makes me want to open my own GRV in the US. I would make a killing.

Now to stop being shy and make some friends! It sucks being in these awesome venues and not having anyone to enjoy them with… Easier said then done.

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