Saturday, June 20, 2009

God/Jesus and or Virtual Villagers/ The Sims

So really random thoughts cross my mind whenever I have too much time. Today just so happens to be one of those days. This blog may offend some as far as religion or faith goes. STOP READING NOW!!!

Okay so now that I gave my little disclaimer it’s time to have the crazies who did not stop reading try to burst down the door and perform an exorcism on me. Well in my moment of thought I asked myself: Ayesha? (which is myself)… Ayesha do you think this whole god thing is a hoax? So I asked a few of my friends if they believed in god and they said yes. But then I thought what if they're just saying yes cause there scared to be struck by lighting (which would be pretty mean of this god anyway).

What if you found out that the Bible and all the stories you grew up hearing where written just to keep you occupied or, a pastor was just a really good motivational speaker and, all that offering money could have bought you those really cute Aldo boots that you wanted for last winter?

If there is a god… I feel like maybe he is just playing a big ass game of Virtual Villagers or The Sims with all of us. On virtual villagers you grab your little people on the island and put them in front of the task you would like them to perform and sometimes they walk away or stay and become masters. How do you know god is not doing that? I would really like someone to tell me what makes their faith so strong? Since I have to slap someone, it would be all the crazies that just take religion too far….. Example: I’m going to blow myself and the rest of you mofo’s up in the name of (my faith) type of people. BYE BITC*ES, don't forget Fathers Day tomorrow.

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