Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lazy Asses & Riding Coat tails

I’m sick of you lazy ass people not doing anything with your life. Like getting real, getting some ambition, hopes, dreams, and goals and accomplishing something with your life. I’ve heard a million excuses from various people and really its not that serious. Sitting at home all day everyday not doing shit is really sad. No, not just because you left the house to go do groceries or get an oil change did you make any significant change.

Maybe a job is not in the cards cause of our sucky ass economy but there is more to do. School, online school, a hobby… Just frigging do something to better your life. In case you didn’t realize your age is not going backwards like Benjamin Button so people go start honing some skill or update your resume. Just stop being a waste of natural resources. You deserve more than a slap, today you get a special punch in the mouth. If I offended you then I’m NOT SORRY…. Poof now go have a life!

Another issue I need to address is another kind of lazy. Mofo's that like to ride your coat tails. Now that shit is just unacceptable. If you took the time to decide that you're going to do something with your life, then take an extra step and stop waiting for others to make your situation better. Like wtf people get serious!! I suggest if you do want to ride someone's coat tails then stay the f__ away from me cause I will turn around and back hand the shit out of you. Damn my blog was more like a rant. Too much negative. So here's my positive...... ummmm.... oh Happy Father's DAY!!!

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