Friday, June 19, 2009

I Made a Ooops

So you know how you forget to tell someone really important thank you or 

Well I was that person. I admit to such treason and hope that Matt will forgive me. Seeeeee... What took place was I meant to tell you but.... (slap myself) no excuses. Happy Birthday Matt!!! 
(even though it was like a week ago). Im sending you a virtual chocolate monkey from Crispers and I hope that somewhere down in your titanic overly obsessed heart you will pretend this whole thing never happened. People learn from this lesson and remember to tell your father Happy Father's Day. TAA DAA Bitches I'm out! 

1 comment:

  1. And I thought this was one of those "Somebody slap Matt" posts. I'm greatly happy now. Don't worry about belated crap, I don't believe in belated birthdays. Reminder that gives me an excuse to forget y'all's at least once sometime down the road. Now back to Titanic...