Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Bad Weaves

I'm really sick of this shit. Everyday I see these crazy ass individuals who just know in their own little twisted minds that they look good. This epidemic of bad weaves are hitting the streets at a rapid rate and are at an all time high. I can't take this anymore and we have to take a stand on the issue. It's really not that hard to find a proper stylist or walk by a damn mirror. Every time  I see one of these horrible disasters my heart is overwhelmed with disgust. 
A law should be passed to scalp every well minded individual walking around with tracks showing, helmet weaves, gelled down hair, or the one that drives me crazy is non matching hair color. If your hair color is black and you have the urge to buy a blond weave do us a favor and color the front of your hair or just don't do the shit in a color that does not match. Why in the hell would you want to walk around with your head looking like a pack of skittles? Please for all of mankind do your hair properly people or your going to get slapped up, cause this is not okay. SBP signing the fuck out bitches. Contact a stylist right now if this offends you!

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