Friday, March 27, 2009

Staring A** Mofo's & My Chiropractor

Don't you just hate when people stare in your face like they want to sex you down on the spot? That shit annoys me like no other. Why the fuck cant you just take a damn glimpse? I understand you may like what you see but DAMN!! Then there is the other instance which I understand it maybe hard to look away but ugly people need their privacy to. This morning I'm just minding my business and this couple is staring at me like I was there lover in a past life. Like wtf.... Can I help you, Would you look to cop a feel, Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger can I take your order? No bitch!!! I just need to know what it is I can do to keep you out my face? Since it's Friday I wont slap all the bitches, oh what the heck I cant help it. Im slapping all you big eye, staring bitches that need to get a life. 

Im also slapping my damn chiropractor for saying that I need 6 weeks of treatment. I know I don't need that much but he is just trying to get all he can out of the insurance company. When I go to the appointment his dumb ass cracks my neck and says "see you in 2 days". I don't want to see his ass no more. Can you just crack my neck and back and give up this whole 6 week thing. So that dumb ass is getting smacked 2 times, actually 3 times for having that ugly ass decor in his place of business. 


  1. I feel your pain Ayesha (not the neck/body pain, the staring pain). It's the price of being beautiful...

    Seriously though, that picture is messing with me and Matt. Can't look away.


  2. Wait! Did you just blog about being so damn beautiful that people love to look at you? You Vain Bitch! I love you!

  3. Ayesha, mother-fucker! I had to go and find a wallpaper sized image of that fucking-freaky-ass animal and made it my laptop desktop!!!! WTF!!!! I can't help it!