Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome to the SBP Handbook!

Here at Slapping Bitches Productions (Yes, we really are Slapping Bitches Productions), we want to change the world.  But since we're in a Recession, we settled for a blog.

This blog is basically a handbook to life according to SBP. Since I keep throwing the name around, I should explain who we are. My Name is Nick, and along with my two best friends Ayesha and Matt, would like to help you gain the strength to slap that bitch we all know and most times hate... life.

We are all film school graduates who probably should have done something else with our lives. Ayesha is the most fashionable person ever, I'm a writer and Matt... well he loves the Titanic. See! We should have gone to Fashion/Writing/Titanic School instead. 

We're very diverse so we'll write about everything. When I say everything, chances are I mean EVERYTHING! (Matt LOVES the Titanic) Everything from reality television to that annoying bitch that we all have to deal with because he's best friend's with one of your friends so you have to be polite (I fucking hate that guy! Let's kill him).

Music, Movies, Television, Video Games, Books, Fashion, and Gadgets will all be the norm but expect random musings about all the crazy, annoying B.S. that happens in life. That's always fun. It will all be here at some point, so you're bound to find something just for you (Did I mention that Titanic shit will be on this? Fucking Matt). Oh, and I love cursing...

I should warn you, we hate ugly things. Ugly clothes, ugly people, ugly babies... we hate them all. So I guarantee you that there will be special posts about just that. And of course, as you can tell by the name, we will be slapping bitches over here. So if you don't enjoy other people bitching about stuff that you're too scared and repressed to bitch about, then you should get off the Internet. That's all it really is. Go outside; enjoy the sunshine and global warming. But if you LOVE people bitching about any and everything, then welcome home!

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