Friday, March 27, 2009


This is something serious that everyone in life has had to deal with at some time or another and if you have not then the number at the bottom is especially for you. You ever have an annoying ass person that follows you around, shows up to your house or functions uninvited, never gets the hint that no one likes them, even after you make it clear that you want nothing to do with them they shove themselves on you. It's really sad and many of today's youth has to deal with these sad sad desperate ass individuals who have no life. 

Im here to solve your problem. I understand that you're just to kind or you may not give a shit like I do, but the person needs any extra hint. Here is your solution: The Rejection Hotline for GA: 4042601318, NY: 2126602245, LA: 310735099. To get rid of that guy/girl calling and leaving voicemail after voicemail when it was just a One Night Stand: 2122013517. For the ones that I think is the worst a person with Body Odor: 6319607171 or Bad Breath: 6309607178. After all of this if the dumb ass still does not get the hint and still decides that you want a hug everyday or hear about their stupid ass life you could always just, SLAP A BITCH!

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  1. We here at SBP know exactly who this post is for...