Thursday, March 19, 2009


Okay, it's time I shared something that is part of daily life here in Florida. There's a chain of appliance stores called Appliance Direct, and I was actually in one today. They pride themselves in having discount prices on appliances because they either sell them without the hassle of a salesman, or they're scratch and dented, but brand new with warranty. If you are from around here, you've probably figure out who I'm talking about.

They have many commercials on TV and on the radio. Especially the fucking radio. I can't listen to live 105.1 anymore because they are sucking the dick of Appliance Direct. A few weeks back around the last days of February I was outside doing some garden work with my boyfriend and one of our roommates. We took the radio outside and tuned in to listen to our favorite station. What did we here?

"Hello!" The words of Sam, the Asian who is wakkie-nu-nu for "apiances!" We heard him SIX TIMES. SIX FUCKING TIMES. Fuck appliances. I'm all for functionality of a kitchen in times of a recession, whatever the fuck that is, but no. This is enough. Fuck them all.

Not Sam, however. He's the fucking man. I'd suck his white porcelain lined washing machines for him. Man's got a fucking dick on him probably, for an Asian. It's the cunt (excuse me, get over it) of a wife of his. We don't know her name but my boyfriend calls her the pig lady.

For some reason I see her as the dumb bitch in Titanic whose grandmother is the old lady. She doesn't know shit, she just does what she is told. Same gets some handcuffs and a leash and tells his bitch to get customers. Bitch does what she is told, she can suck his dick tonight.

I have no respect for that annoying bitch. Am I sexist? Fuck no, I'm a faggot. Take a look at this video that I'm posting with this and you can get the idea how annoying this shit is. The mother-fucking truck in the video I saw today and I want to take a dump on it screaming
"I AM the man!"

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