Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Matt Says Hello

Hello there friends! This is Matt, saying a bit about myself so you can all get to know me better and what I complain about. Nick wrote a wonderful introduction for me, but I just wanted to share a few more of my obsessions. quirks, and annoying habits.

Let's start off by talking about the elephant in the room- Titanic. Yes, I should have went to Titanic school, or at least should have founded a Titanic school. Since the young age of 7 that sunken ship has been my live. So get ready for me to use examples of modern day annoyances and how I'm annoyed people let the sinking happen. Fuck icebergs.

I'm also rather passive-aggressive. Now, that isn't my best quality but who the fuck cares. That's how I am and how I handle situations with the people I know. Rather than deal with not being hungry I'd prefer to make an epic production where I complain about my stomach hurting and an empty wallet and how someone isn't paying me any attention. On that note I was in theater in high school and some of college. Whatever. You'll notice that I will eventually complain about myself, so don't think I just a nasty person to everybody....I'm a nasty person to myself too.

People are annoying. Yes, so are you (and I.)

My home state is Massachusetts which I believe is the most liberal state in the union, so you probably can assume what my views are on a lot of things, also being gay. However I'll do my best to present both sides of anything political, religious or controversial when I complain about them. Trust me. Do it, you won't.

Humor isn't really what I'm all about, but every once in a while I have pretty big moments where I am funny, causing the people around me to laugh for a few minutes. I take pride in those moments, so I am looking forward to accidental having a few in the blog.

Back when Myspace was all the rage (OK, like, two years ago, before I deleted it) I was known for my blogs. They included fun music lyrics that related to the subject, and quotes from some of my friends because it was Myspace and to get views on your profile you either had to make your friends happy or put up shirtless pics. Well, it was easier to type a few words than to go to the gym, so to answer my narcissistic side I blogged.

Speaking of narcissistic, I'm gay and whoever I want I usually get.

Now that's the note I want to end this on! Stay tuned for my first real blog about black guys who are 6'5" tall and can't fit on spiral stairs. Won't wanna miss that shit, now would you?


  1. "Speaking of narcissistic, I'm gay and whoever I want I usually get."


  2. I know who you are and I'm going to fucking kill you, faggot. Fucking kill you and you're little mermaid cunt.

    Have a glorious day.