Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deep Down Inside You Wanted Me Dead

So I'm driving back to South Florida from Orlando and it's raining like crazy on I-95. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to die.

Then I get a text from a friend which states "Please tell me youre at least stuck in shittty weather and traffic." For a second, let's ignore the grammatical errors and analyze the situation:

This "friend" knows I'm driving back down today. Also this "friend" knows my car has NO A/C, which in Florida during a crazy rainstorm is a death wish.  I'm concentrating so hard on being able to see through the foggy windows, I'm not even focused on not hitting something. Which is a bad thing.

So the bitch sends me a text message... If you really think I'm caught in terrible weather with no A/C, do you really want me to respond to your text message? You REALLY want me to die. I love you too.

Once I get off the highway, I look back at the text and realize that she had HOPED that I was stuck in the shitty weather. You bitch! So I call her up and let her know that I want to slap her for wanting me dead. She realized everything and decided that was a big mistake and she meant to put a "NOT" in the text. Then we laugh it off...

But I'm not an idiot. I see you bitch. I certainly won't be letting my guard down when I'm around you. Oh, and we're probably going to hang out tomorrow. 

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