Friday, April 10, 2009

Gotta Slap My Damn Self

So.... This is the 2nd time Im writing this damn blog so Im a bit pissed. Im completely obsessed with this whole vagina tingling Twilight thing. I have not seen the movie but I am currently on the last chapter of the 3rd book Eclipse and so excited to start the last one. I know I'm going to have PTTS (post traumatic twilight syndrome) after Im done with this whole obsessed ordeal. I never thought I would be bitten by the twilight bug but I should have known better. So I need to be slapped back to reality.

Im also ready to give the author a slap, but I would spare her if she decides to write books for the rest of her life. Now all I need to know is why she would give girls such a hope and faith that men exist like that out there. Edward (my boo in fantasy land) is such a gentleman that only words could create. Like what kind of vampire would hold out of sexing up his human girlfriend, suck her for her precious blood and leave her for dead or at least bite her to keep her as a sex slave. I need to be slapped asap. 

Next and not least Im slapping Matthew Titanic loving ass Mother fucking DeWinkleer two times. I asked his ass to send me an email with some info and since I have still yet to hear a response from him I'm laying down 2 huge Titanic size glacier damaged slaps. Then I am slapping Mother Nature for fucking up and messing with the internet connection so I had to post this shit twice. Bye Bitches!! 

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