Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bitch Slap the Piggies

Okay, my vacation is officially over, and now I come back to Florida to worry about this pig shit. I don't understand how the fuck we can go from birds getting us sick, to pigs getting us sick, to some kind of number N1H1 fuck getting us sick, but we gotta fucking stop this shit. Stop using that antibacterial hand soap bitches, you know it's making germs harder to kill. Deal with your little cold or committing a faux pas.

And those masks that all the Mexicans and Chinese are wearing now? What the fuck is that gonna do? You know you're going to go home on the train and touch some bitch's snot on a handrail and get the fucking illness when you take your ugly-ass mask off and pick your nose in the "safety" of your home while no one's watching.

Anyways, if we all start acting smart for once and not like a bunch of collective dumbasses we won't face a massive pandemic.

I'm going to eat some sausage now.

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