Friday, April 10, 2009

Kanye and the Gay Fish Scandal

I can't deny it; I love me some Kanye music. I really do. I have every album. But ask me if I actually bought any of them... I refuse to buy music from such a complete egotistical asshole. I REFUSE! His personality is just ugly to me. And no matter how disgustingly he acts out in public, we all still go out and get his album. I don't like to reward terrible behavior, so I don't.

After dealing with his BITCHASSNESS for such a long time, my dreams were finally answered when South Park decided to take that bitch down a notch. If you haven't seen the episode from two nights ago, GO WATCH IT NOW! Shit's hilarious! 

The story starts up with a very cute/funny joke about gay fish. What does gay fish have to do with Kanye West? Everything! The South Park crew weaves a great story around the absurdity that is Kanye West and how exactly the drama queen acts. It was perfect from beginning to end. 

But if showing Kanye how big of an ass he is wasn't great enough, there was an entire subplot that leads to Carlos Mencia getting his ass beat! And I REALLY hate Carlos Mencia! Get out of my head Matt and Trey!

Kanye apparently took the whole episode in stride and might actually be turning over a new leaf. It remains to be seen if Kanye will really change or if he's still going to be the big ol' douche that we've all grown to known and put up with.

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