Thursday, April 16, 2009

High and Mighty Blogger of God

It's a lot of work to continuously create new content and satisfy a fan base. So I have mad respect for all the authors of the digital era. But I'm not fond of cheaters; especially cheaters those who should know better. 

The other day I saw this little forum of bloggers all talking about their blogs and asking for support. But apparently it was a "No Heathens Allowed" zone as they were asking for support from other "Bloggers for Jesus."

I can understand seeking support from like-blogs, but it just felt like they were not trying to support each other. The tone and comments felt more like they were alienating other blogs and acting very "Holier than Thou." Isn't that against the whole Christianity handbook? 

What kind of things are you possibly talking about in your blog that we already didn't get? As far as I'm concerned there already was the ultimate blog about your religion. It's called the Bible.

Do you really think you can do the religion thing better than God? If so, prove it. Let me know what you can possibly be in your blog that I need to know that isn't already in Jesus' biographical manuscript? Exactly. Because apparently all you need to know is in that book. So unless you're copying the Bible word for word, your blog is irrelevant.

Go Fuck Yourself. Amen.

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