Thursday, April 30, 2009

He Touched Me in My Special Place

I went on yet another adventure to the post office today. As I stood in the long ass line, a little boy stood next to me. As the line moved, I realized the kid was mimicking me. Everything I did, he did. It was cute at first, then quickly became annoying.

Every time the line moved, I realized the kid was getting closer and closer to me. I soon found the little pest to be practically on top of me. I would have said something but I was currently in a state of shock: Did he just cop a feel?

I'm pretty sure he just grabbed my ass. He didn't brush it; This was full on grab ass! I know what grab ass feels like: my ass has always been a target among my straight friends. This kid was grabbing with a purpose. What was I supposed to do? His parents weren't around and if I made a scene, chances are I'd be the one getting in trouble for being engaged in a compromising situation with a minor.

So I just slid over again and pretended it didn't happen. Maybe it really was in my head. I had to be blowing this out of proportion. But then as I was leaving the line, the kid brushed his hand on my package... and not the one I was mailing.

In some sick way I think I had that coming. I said I wanted guys to start hitting on me more and I guess they have... this one just happened to be 12.

- SBP Mobile: Slapping Bitches on the Go

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