Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jesus and Ice Cream

Sometimes I choose to be nice to Matt. So this one is for him.

Over at SBP, we love ice cream. We'll fuck you up if you mess with our sweet, delicious icy treat. So when I was talking to Matt the other day, while Titanic references did not make an appearance, ice cream became a welcome topic of conversation. I said something that I wanted to share with you and I'm sure you'd agree: 

"It's the creamy frozen treat we suck from God's teet." 

Matt found much pleasure in that statement, and I really feel as if that should be the new official tagline for ice cream. 
And look at that! Even Jesus loves ice cream MUTHAFUCKA! Wait. If Jesus likes ice cream, then it's pretty disgusting that he's sucking from his own father's teet right? Very incestuous relationship right there. I think I can fix this: Jesus is God so it's not incest right? But then again, if they are both one and the same, then Jesus is just sucking on his own teet right? That's some real stuff to ponder...

Oh and if you're keeping up, I really did just write a post that covered ice cream, teet sucking, God, Jesus and incest.  And "teet" count is now at 5. Go me!

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  1. Speaking of icecream: Coldstone! Hello ultra fattening lover!