Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WTF is Organized Living?

So bitches LOVE Clean House. And apparently the store Organized Living is featured on the show. I found that out the hard way...

"OMG! There's an Organized Living! AHHHHH! We have to go in there! AND everything is 50 to 70 percent off?!?!?! Hell yeah we're going in! AHHHHH!!!!"

This is the scene in the car as my friend Emily spots the store. She obviously let me know how "awesome" it was. I didn't sound excited. She even let me know we didn't have to go in at all. But the moment I said we can go: "AHHHH!!! I'm so excited!"

I was stuck on an adventure with my friend, who I now realized is a raging crack whore. And her crack is obviously Clean House, Niecy Nash and organization (which you would never get looking at her bedroom).

So we walk into the store and it is completely bare. I saw some hangers and some other random nick knacks, but it looked like someone robbed the place. We left with Emily's hope of having her own "Clean House" experience crushed. So ORGANIZED LIVING FAIL!

But there is a bright side: Emily made an ass of herself in the bathroom with her loud obnoxious laugh after I stepped in to mess with her. Apparently there was someone else in there...

Oh! And we went into Golf Galaxy where a worker pondered the philosophical meaning behind my "My Peace is Growing" T-shirt. I didn't think it was appropriate to tell him that it's really talking about my "piece." 

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